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As you may or may not know there is a change to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the new rules come into force on 25th May 2018.

You might be wondering what that means for you and I and so I will do my best to explain as I understand it.

Because I hold Data on you as my client i.e. name, email and home address, phone number I now or after 25th May will need to obtain positive consent from you in writing.

Anyone that I do not obtain this consent in writing will be deleted from my records but don’t worry I have drawn up a form for you to read and sign that shows you understand how & where I keep your data and that you are happy for me to continue to keep it in that way.

Please don’t think this is trivial as from the 25th May you should receive less junk mail and nuisance phone calls, as I understand it, because the companies will need your consent to be able to contact you.

Brilliant I hear you say, about time, we are all bothered in one way or another by silent calls or wasted post. Let’s see what the future holds.

As for our relationship I have attached my data policy, privacy policy and a declaration for you to sign if happy.

Please feel free to say if you’re not happy for photos to be included on my website or social media, it is not a problem.
Now the serious work has been sorted, I hope you all have fun in whatever you decide to do on our two Bank Holidays this month and the weather remembers which month we are in.

Take care and thank you for your patience.

Well what were you doing 30 years ago?   I was embarking on a journey that I didn't quite expect to turn out as it has - I started my hairdressing business Angie of Creative Effects Hairdressers 07876028331​ and am still as passionate about my chosen career as I was when I started.  Let me know your memories from three decades ago.

Hoping you've all had a great time off in this festive time and now ready to take on 2016.  What will it have in store for us?  I'm sure we are all aware you can't always plan and sometimes things are beyond our control but with our hair we can be totally in control, if we choose to be.  Is this the year you will decide to grow it, shorten it, change the shade, add a shade, change your stylist or how you converse with your stylist or in fact give all decision to your stylist?  

I'm looking into changing my glasses and I wonder if I'm the only one that spends months looking into different companies, styles, visits to the Optician's photographing myself with different styles then showing friends to get their reactions?  It's an important change for me as it is with anything you do to your hair.  Sometimes we take no notice of our friends reaction and act on our impulse.  In the end hopefully we love the new look and all the great feelings that come with it.  Whatever you choose to change in 2016 I hope you feel great and love life. 

Throughout May & June 100ml of Moroccan Oil for £30.  Contact Angie if required, while stocks last.