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11th May saw the 29th Anniversary of Angie of Creative Effects & to celebrate I gave 29 gifts to clients, randomly drawn from my client list.  It's so great to see their faces when I present them with a gift and explain why.   Where has the time gone?  I have seen my business become more professionally run and my services grow in expertise, due to the regular courses I attend nationally.  I know my clients appreciate me taking the time & effort to improve my skills, enablling me to give them the most up to date look using new techniques & products where suitable.  I have welcomed new clients onto my books and enjoy giving them a truly professional experience of having their hair done in the comfort of their own home without the hassle of traffic jams and parking costs.  

Recently a Facebook friend had posted how that she had tinted her own hair and had experienced an allergic reaction.  She lives up country so not a client of mine, had gone to her hairdresser and they had commented on how she wouldn't be able to tint her hair from now on, my friend asking Facebook friends whether her natural shade would suit her.  Me being me expanded on this and commented on how she could still have colour on her hair by having 'off scalp techniques' and how if she had carried out a skin test prior to tinting her hair she could have avoided the pain and discomfort she was experiencing now.  Obviously other Facebook friends joined in with their comments and I, thinking I was being helpful, gave more info on this topic and even posted a link for them to look at the facts.  This didn't bode well with one of the friends and in fact she sent me a rude message and then deleted her comments on the feed.  The rude message, telling me I thought I knew everything, which didn't bother me at all as I know this topic very well, but not everything, because it did make me think.  I realised that I am very experienced in Hairdressing, run a professional business and strive to give a high standard of service but most of all this episode made me realise how specialised I am in all I do within my business. 

I am not only specialised in Cutting, Colouring, Styling but also product knowledge and the Science of Hairdressing.  

I use generic skin tests before every application and have trained all my clients to expect this high service because they realise it's for their benefit as much as mine. They even comment to their friends and colleagues if conversation goes that way.

I am very proud of my clients understanding the importance of this and of myself to take my career seriously. 

I undertake regular training in all aspects of hairdressing so I know that I can keep the standard of my hairdressing high and keep the specialised knowledge up to date.

See previous tips on hair care and always feel free to ask questions if there's anything you'd like clarified.

Everyone knows that what you eat does have an affect on your hair (as does lifestyle), so it does make sense to have a read and readdress any losses in your diet.  
Protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, dairy, eggs, beans & nuts are good sources of protein, all helping produce strong, healthy hair.
Iron can be found in red meat, chicken & fish readily.  Lentils, leafy green vegetables & usually strong coloured food help vegetarians keep their iron levels up, especially when consuming Vitamin C at the same time.  Vital mineral and can cause loss of hair in high deficiency.
Vitamin C, found in blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, kiwi, oranges, strawberries & sweet potatoes & helps absorption of iron when eaten together, all helping produce stronger, healthier hair.
Omega - 3 fatty acids are essential as the body can't make these types of fats on its own.  Found in oily fish & plant sources if vegetarian - trout, salmon, sardines, avocado, walnuts & pumpkin seeds.
Vitamin A is helpful for a healthy scalp and found in meat, carrots & sweet potatoes.
Zinc & selenium in fortified cereals, wholegrains, beef, eggs & oysters is another source to help a healthy scalp and help prevent hair loss.
Vitamin E is a sun protection source, found in nuts and seeds which also provides zinc & selenium, so small and often is good for a balanced diet.
I briefly mentioned lifestyle and, again, we all know that if we are not sleeping enough, moving enough and eating/drinking too much it all helps our skin and hair as well as our well being so good luck if you make a few changes and well done if you have read this and no change is needed.

Choice of perming / straightening - quality of hair, degree of movement or relaxing of movement, upkeep & cost.