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Choice of colour & technique - Hair type, skin & eye colour, quality of hair, lifestyle, finance & colour of wardrobe all have to be taken into consideration.

Choice of style - this depends on hair type, quantity, face shape, lifestyle, capacity to how the client can style themselves, cost to keep style i.e. shorter hair generally needs to be cut more frequently & aftercare.

For special occasions you can use a shine spray which should literally be sprayed up into the air and the client walk into the area sprayed so the spray drops onto the hair and not to be overused as your creation can become a flop! It's a heavy product and can saturate the hair easily so caution when using.

Hairspray - choose one that brushes out easily without leaving a residue, holds hair for the style you have i.e. Extra firm for hair up, medium to firm for regular styles. I like a spray that holds but allows your hair to move still so it looks natural but it's personal to each, some people like to feel it rock hard and not have to worry through a day. As well as holding the style hairspray prevents moisture from spoiling your style - that doesn't mean you can go out in the rain and your style not be ruined! Moisture means moisture! I use Matrix & L'Oreal hairsprays of different holds.