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Conditioner - coats the hair shafts, giving a softer feel and healthy shine to hair by smoothing the cuticles, washed out when shampooed again. I use Framesi, Moroccan Oil & Matrix.

Shampoo - for straight hair, curly hair, coloured hair, generally if it's a good make then it should help the type of hair chosen. For instance, I have naturally curly hair and when I use a shampoo for curly hair I find my curl will get tighter the more I use the product so I can only use it in short bursts alternating with coloured hair shampoo at times so I am helping both criteria ( boosting my curly movement as well as helping keep my colour fresh for longer and in better condition). I use Matrix, WELLA, Framesi &. Moroccan Oil Shampoos.

Products - huge area and I obviously don't know about all products out there in the marketplace but can recommend a type of product and the ones I use (& feel they do the job they say they should do). I'd love some feedback, good & bad, as that's how we learn. Everybody has slight differences whether it's lifestyle or hair type so the more I hear back from you the more it can help me to make the right decision for my clients.

Breakage and spilt ends - I'm afraid in both cases the only solution is to cut hair into a shorter style and start the process of growing the hair down with better knowledge, keep ends trimmed regularly and be kind! Hat in sunshine, products before straightening, tonging and blow drying, not over processing i.e. tinting and perming, regular use of Moroccan Oil to help combat harsh weather and central heating etc.