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Toddlers - Always use a spray leave in conditioner or conditioner and tease the hair with a wide tooth comb gently from ends working towards root area. This will help minimise the damage. Try plaiting the hair for bed time (not too tightly) using soft bands to help keep hair from rubbing too much. Longer hair on youngsters - If hair is on the longer side try never to put too much strain on the hair by tying too tight and repeatedly tying in the same style day after day as you will see breakage appear and possibly change a hairline permanently. Once breakage occurs I'm afraid the only solution is to cut hair shorter to help strengthen hair and start to grow length again with better knowledge. Exactly the same as with spilt ends.

Curly - biggest must is Hydration! Moroccan Oil is a must for helping to keep your hair hydrated. Anyone that has known me for a long while will see what a difference it has made to my hair. I can't emphasis enough that if you skimp on anything for your hair then the Oil isn't it. Moroccan Oil is not the essence of the oil as is in cheaper versions it is pure oil. Hydrates inside the hair as well as outer layer and helps keep your curl defined, protected from the elements and conditioned. I use this product on most clients, at no extra charge, as I feel everyone benefits from it. It also speeds drying time which is especially helpful on thick hair.

Blow drying - I regularly help clients with tips on how to best dry their hair when they are at home doing it for themselves.  Obviously it depends on their style for a lot of the how to but most important is the direction of the hot air, speed of the air and heat of the air.  I always recommend getting the hair almost dry before starting to style (if relevant) to save your energy for the important part of drying.  No point in wasting a lot of arm ache in the rough drying if you tire and rush the smoothing, styling part!  The direction of the air should always be in the direction of the cuticles i.e. from roots towards ends, speed should be set on medium or slow so you can control your styling without the hair being whipped around and lastly, use medium heat with a blast of cool occasionally so you don't damage hair too much.

I have seen Patrick Cameron's work many times and have attended many educational sessions.  He never fails to inspire and wow us.  He works effortlessly on long tresses and breaks the work down to bite size chunks so it's easy to take in although in practice it takes longer to master.  On this occasion he showed how he created a fascinator out of the hair itself.  It was amazing!  Never seen hair worked like that before and the finished work was amaizng.  What do you think?

Patrick Cameron fascinator

Patrick showed working on weaves and plaits to create an intricate style with ease, natural and classic/formal hair up.  Great commercial work for a hair up do.

Patrick Cameron weaves and plaits