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Tim Hartley - one of the worlds greatest hairdressers.  Career at Vidal Sassoon for over 30 years, culminating in his renowned role as International Creative Director.  One of the Ambassodores to the FHA (Freelance Hairdressers' Association - to which I am Regional Representative) is a huge coup for us as Freelancers.  To see him work was a thrill and very entertaining.  He told us music has inspired him over the years and if you take a look at his work you will see diversity.  He qualified as a barber, moved into Ladies Hairdressing, turning heads with his cuts. A Tim Hartley haircut was an integral part of the look in particular the stunning Kabuki, created for the model Julie Woodhouse and singer Marc Almond wore an asymmetrical wedge courtesy of Tim.  Haircuts such as the Wrap '86 - interlocking sections over a clippered undercut restyling Faye Dunaway to name but a few.  A Joy to watch and learn from.  I might not have clients to name and impress but I can certainly name to impress with the greatness I have trained with and I am pleased to say I will be training with Tim Hartley in September so be the first to book a restyle with me after I have been inspired by greatness!

Tim Hartley

Colour graphics lift & tone.  Enriched with Omega 3 + 6.  Promoters enriched with Provitamins B5 to get fantastic personalised bespoke tones.

Colour graphics

Pots of hair lacquer

Matrix have launched some fantastic, fun, bright temporary colours.  They last washes and are great for a fun look with high shine hues.  Results vary depending on the hair condition, colour chosen and base hair shade.  Skin test still required 48 hrs before application.  You can keep up with the latest trends by booking an appointment with me Angie of Creative Effects.  Working to high professional standard in the comfort of your own home Around the North Devon area.

sharmas tail

Totally inter-mixable: purple, red, magenta, yellow, orange and clear. You can be as artistic and daring as you like or keep it mild, either way it's a great new look that you're not stuck with for too long. Lasts 12 washes.