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Everyone knows that what you eat does have an affect on your hair (as does lifestyle), so it does make sense to have a read and readdress any losses in your diet.  
Protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, dairy, eggs, beans & nuts are good sources of protein, all helping produce strong, healthy hair.
Iron can be found in red meat, chicken & fish readily.  Lentils, leafy green vegetables & usually strong coloured food help vegetarians keep their iron levels up, especially when consuming Vitamin C at the same time.  Vital mineral and can cause loss of hair in high deficiency.
Vitamin C, found in blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, kiwi, oranges, strawberries & sweet potatoes & helps absorption of iron when eaten together, all helping produce stronger, healthier hair.
Omega - 3 fatty acids are essential as the body can't make these types of fats on its own.  Found in oily fish & plant sources if vegetarian - trout, salmon, sardines, avocado, walnuts & pumpkin seeds.
Vitamin A is helpful for a healthy scalp and found in meat, carrots & sweet potatoes.
Zinc & selenium in fortified cereals, wholegrains, beef, eggs & oysters is another source to help a healthy scalp and help prevent hair loss.
Vitamin E is a sun protection source, found in nuts and seeds which also provides zinc & selenium, so small and often is good for a balanced diet.
I briefly mentioned lifestyle and, again, we all know that if we are not sleeping enough, moving enough and eating/drinking too much it all helps our skin and hair as well as our well being so good luck if you make a few changes and well done if you have read this and no change is needed.