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This policy is to explain why I collect certain personal data from you.

I am a freelance hairstylist visiting clients homes therefore I require certain information.

I keep this data for my sole purpose only and for the duration of you being my client.

I delete all personal data on death or three months with no correspondence.

I occasionally take photos, with verbal agreement at time of taking the photos, for my website & social media and they are stored as all my other data on Apple products and the Cloud.

If in any way you are unhappy with the way I handle your data you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office - ICO.


I currently hold clients names, email & home addresses, phone numbers along with colour & perming notes for the use of my business alone.

I have deleted any Dates of Birth held previously and any clients data that I haven’t heard from in the last three months or are known to be deceased.

I never knowingly share any data to anyone else.

All data held by me is on Apple products and stored securely in the Cloud.

I have face recognition and passcodes to be able to obtain this information and hold printed version of Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) - Personal Data Breaches which gives me the information needed if I feel there has been a personal data breach.

I will be keeping this with the only other paper documents on clients which is the skin test form required by my Public Liability Insurance and holds name only with Brand and shade used, safely at home.

I update all IT appliances when prompted and keep alert as much as possible to new legal requirements.

Please share any concerns if you are doubtful about how I am storing your data with me.



I am happy for Angie of Creative Effects to keep records of my - (delete anything that you do not wish to be kept) - Name, address, phone numbers and email address, understanding that in the event of me not requiring Angie’s services anymore they will be deleted from all sources and the relationship between us will be terminated until further notice.

I am happy for Angie of Creative Effects to take photos on my confirmation, at time of photos being taken, and used on Angie of Creative Effects website and/or social media even when I am no longer a client of Angie of Creative Effects.

I understand if I have a colour or perm procedure there are notes, on what was carried out, kept by Angie of Creative Effects safely.

I am signing this declaration on the date of:

As evidence that I have read and fully understand Angie of Creative Effects Data & Privacy policies and declaration.